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IFLA CLC Work Plan

As stated in the IFLA CLC statutes “activities of the IFLA CLC will address the safeguarding, protection, conservation and preservation of cultural landscapes through technical support, education, research, advocacy and other measures determined by the members and written into the annual plan of work.”   Progress in the following areas is underway. IFLA CLC welcomes contributions to exchanges and new initiatives.

  1. Membership: Grow the IFLA CLC membership through email, website, responses to outreach meetings and recommendations of IFLA members.
  2. Website: Augment the IFLA CLC website. Seek IFLA member contributions to website categories for inventory, best practices, news and calendar.
  3. Professional Exchange & Access: Provide informational updates current members with new members added constantly. Encourage IFLA CLC member knowledge about their regional World Heritage inscribed sites. Encourage contributions to the IFLA CLC website to increase knowledge and share expertise.
  4. National Cultural Landscapes List, Inventory & Documentation: Support  the development of cultural landscape listing and inventory. Provide a range of inventory forms as suggested formats for reference and use.
  5. Visibility & Educational Opportunities: Promote cultural landscape topics and host work sessions at international and regional meetings, particularly those hosted by IFLA and IFLA member organizations. Collaborate with game designers to bring cultural landscapes closer to people. The result is casino slot games that are very popular and can be tried for free using casino bonus codes. Collaborate with regional IFLA CLC groups for exchanges, training, meetings and symposia on cultural landscape topics.
  6. Cultural Landscape Preservation Action: Advocate and support cultural landscape preservation and effective actions when called upon by IFLA members and partners.
  7. International Groups/Organizations/Partners: Partner with interested  groups, shaping relevant initiatives. Potential partners include UNESCO World Heritage, ICOMOS, IUCN, ICCROM, ISOCARP, UIA, and other regional groups.
The IFLA CLC Work Plan is a guide for our joint contributions and shared expertise on behalf of the global legacy of cultural landscapes.

Interdisciplinary cooperation amongst professionals and academic researchers brings scientific and professional knowledge to resolve issues related to the multiple needs of architectural, urban or archaeological heritage in historic districts.

The Hoi An Declaration on Conservation of Historic Districts of Asia, 2003