IFLA: Cultural Landscapes Committee

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International guidance on preservation, values and respect for cultural landscapes has been promulgated over the years by UNESCO World Heritage, International Council on Monuments & Sites (ICOMOS), World Conservation Union (IUCN) and other relevant bodies. 

Regional and national groups have also developed and distributed important documents that can be used by cultural landscape advocates. All of us in the IFLA Cultural Landscapes Committee need to be aware of this group of useful documents. For ready access to some of these documents they have been gathered and provided on this website in PDF formats. This collection of charters, declarations and background papers is worth your time to read, study and quote whenever appropriate. These documents address a relevant range of subjects. They are listed here in historical order. Recognize that thinking on these subjects has evolved over time and view the basic documents as background and foundation for the more recent ones.

Please feel free to contribute additional documents to this list of useful global and regional guidance.

We respect and deeply appreciate the landscape preservation and conservation efforts that have reached fruition. Much work remains to be done and threats are urgent and pervasive.

ICOMOS Natchitoches Declaration on Heritage Landscapes, 2004