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First Step: Make a List

The first step in moving toward greater awareness of the valued heritage of cultural landscapes is to create an inventory. Creating an inventory has many possible starting points. A logical place to start is to develop a list of the names and locations of cultural landscapes of value as a basis for the inventory.  Some inventory lists begin with parks or gardens and extend to town plans, campuses, agricultural areas, and other landscape types in a phased inventory effort over several years.   Over time, this list can grow to include more landscape types and greater complexity.

A discussion among IFLA colleagues in one country can start a list of the important cultural landscapes within that country. IFLA members can work with local groups and officials to develop a cultural landscape heritage list in a collaborative manner.  A list-making process helps to raise awareness. 

The initial inventory list of cultural landscapes can be followed by a more detailed inventory of specific important landscapes over time. Documented landscapes may be eligible for listing on a national register of historic places as a public recognition of value.  Once listed on such registers, financial assistance through grant requests can be secured for needed preservation actions.




Maine’s Historic Landscapes pdf
Public Monument and Memorial Grounds



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… the need to maintain community life as a fundamental, authentic and distinctive element of the cultural heritage of historic and traditional villages and the potential contribution tourism can bring . . .

Andong Recommendations, 2006