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Cultural Landscapes Bibliography

Numerous sources have been published regarding cultural landscape preservation.  Published documents are a great source of information regarding the significance and importance of such landscapes.  Documents also provide useful information on a variety of applicable subjects from preservation law, to conservation, to the intersection of culture and nature, among others. The Cultural Landscape Bibliography has been compiled to provide a list of books, articles, and publications that may be of interest to landscape architects working in the realm of cultural landscapes. 

The Cultural Landscape Bibliography is a work in progress that is constantly being updated with your contributions. A bibliography form is provided to add to this list (see right).

Bibliography In Progress

Brown, Jessica, Nora Mitchell, and Michael Beresford, eds.  The Protected Landscape Approach:
Linking Nature, Culture and Community.  Cambridge, UK: The World Conservation Union, 2005. 
Description:  Book in English containing a collection of international essays on global overviews of cultural landscapes and case studies from around the world.

Hackett, Brian.  Landscape Conservation. Chichester, West Sussex: Packard Publishing, 1980.
Description:  Book in English containing guidance for landscape conservation. 

National Park Service.  Federal Historic Preservation Laws.  Washington DC: National Center for Cultural Resources, National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, 2002. 
Description:  Book in English containing sections and excerpts from U.S. preservation laws. 

National Park Service.  Making Educated Decisions: A Landscape Preservation Bibliography.  Edited by Charles A. Birnbaum and Cheryl Wagner.  Washington DC: Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Cultural Resources, Preservation Assistance Division, Historic Landscape Initiative, 1994.  
Description:  Book in English containing a list of resources and a landscape preservation bibliography.

O’Donnell, Patricia.  “Thirty Years of Landscape Rescue.” VIEW: The Magazine of the Library of American Landscape History 8 (Summer 1008): 10-14.
Description:  Article in a magazine addressing the changes in cultural landscape changes in the United States over the last 30 years.

Olschki, Leo S. Culture and Nature: International legislative texts referring to the safeguard of natural and cultural heritage.  Edited by Carmen Añón Feliú.  Tibergraph, 2003.
Description:  Book in English containing charters, proceedings, and report of meetings regarding preservation of cultural and natural properties around the world. 

von Droste, Bernd, Harald Plachter, Mechtild Rössler.  Cultural Landscapes of Universal Value: Components of a Global Strategy.  New York: Gustav Fischer Verlag Jena, 1995.
Description:  Book in English containing a collection of international essays on the conceptual framework of cultural landscape preservation, sample cultural landscapes of the world organized by continent, and conservation strategies for cultural landscape protection.



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Cultural traditions, rituals, spiritual practices and concepts as well as history, topography, natural environment values, use and other factors contribute to create the full range of a setting’s tangible and intangible values and dimensions.

ICOMOS Xi’an Declaration on the Conservation of the Setting, 2005